Dental Implants

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Dental Implants are the best way to replace the lack of one or more teeth. Do you want to definitely get rid of that old removable prosthesis that causes you so much trouble? Then Dental Implants are, without a doubt, the best solution for you!

Implants are “artificial roots” used to permanently replace missing teeth. They intended to support a crown, a bridge or a fixed complete denture, screwed to these same implants.

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We know like no one else the comfort and confidence that Dental Implants bring to our patients. We specialize, therefore, in placing fixed teeth screwed to Implants.

As we want to provide you with the best on the market, in terms of aesthetics, health and durability, we work exclusively with “premium” solutions in which the definitive teeth are made of ceramic and zirconia.

Our vast experience has taught us what to do and how to restore your smile in a safe, predictable, comfortable and durable way, even in the most challenging situations!

You can count on us to advise, help and support you at all stages of the process.

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We are specialized in the Immediate Loading procedure, which allows, in many cases, the placement of Crowns or Fixed Prostheses on the Implants in a few minutes, hours or days after the surgery. 

Our vast experience in these cases has shown us that, in addition to the immediate recovery of Self-esteem and Confidence, the entire healing process takes place in a much more comfortable, faster and less painful way.

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    Will I feel pain?

    You will not feel any pain or discomfort during implant placement. You will be properly anesthetized and medicated to perform the procedure as comfortable as possible. It is also unusual for our patients to report having pain in the days after surgery.

    Is it general anesthesia?

    Not. We usually use local anesthesia. In more anxious patients, we use prior preparation for surgery using Hypnosis and Psychotherapy techniques, for the greater comfort of our patients.

    I'm diabetic. Can I do the procedure?

    Yes. We know that a person with uncontrolled diabetes has more significant healing difficulties, however, as long as the diabetes is controlled, you can do this procedure without any problem.

    Likewise, it is possible that a patient with heart disease can undergo this procedure, with due medical supervision.

    Can my body reject the implant?

    The body itself will not reject the implant. The success rate of this procedure is around 98%. The implant can fail for various causes during surgery or post-surgical complications, but not because of rejection by the body.

    In the rare cases where this occurs, we replace the implant at no additional cost to the patient.

    Can I really have fixed teeth on the same day?

    Yes, you can. In the vast majority of cases, we place the teeth fixed to the implants on the same day, the so-called immediate loading. You can leave our Clinic with a completely transformed smile in just one day.

    After about 4 to 6 months, and after complete healing, you will return to the placement of the final teeth.

    I had an implant at another clinic. Can I continue the treatment here?

    Yes. However, we recommend that a treatment like this should be carried out from start to finish by the same Dentist. 

    If this is not possible, in order for us to analyze your case, we need to know the reference, brand and size of the implant that was placed. All these indications can be obtained from the Dentist who performed your first surgery.

    Do you offer payment facilities?

    We have several payment modalities in our Clinic that we arrange directly with the patient. They include payment in 24 or 36 month.