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Porcelain veneers

Porcelain Veneers (also called Dental Contact Lens) are our first choice for attractive, bright and natural smiles.
This enables the most esthetic and conservatory corrections possible to problems with the Shape and Size (e.g.: overly small or pointed), Colour (e.g.: stained teeth) and Position (e.g.: spaces between teeth, moderately twisted teeth or overly crowded) of the teeth as well as durably replace old and now unaesthetic restorations.
Both the final result of this treatment and the resistance and durability of these fine porcelain fragments are directly related to the technique and materials applied coupled with the experience and capacities of the professionals involved.

Invisible Aligners

Following the developments in Clear Aligners, we believe that there is now no justification for walking around with a mouth full of metal in order to achieve straight teeth.
Clear Aligners are now undoubtedly the best option for those who for esthetic motives, comfort, availability or even interest, do not wish to wear a conventional brace. In addition to the clear esthetic advantages, this type of brace brings enormous benefits in terms of daily comfort and undertaking oral hygiene as this may be removed for such purposes as well as for eating. The treatment is all planned out almost from the start, consisting in the sequential utilization of rigid, transparent structures, enabling this to be done at a distance without the need for monthly visits to the Clinic in contrast to conventional braces. This device may be used by adults, adolescents and even children!

DSD – Digital Smile Design®️

Through the practices in effect at the Dr. Pedro Coelho Clinic, we provide exact diagnoses as regards the aspects to improve in your smile as well as forecasting and drafting a fairly precise and detailed plan about the final results of the esthetic treatment process. By deploying Digital Smile Design, Dr. Pedro Coelho is able to digitally plan the Design of your smile in conjunction with yourself. This is a working philosophy that involves communication and harmony between Biology, morphology, intrinsic perceptions and the esthetic feelings of the patients themselves, who again need to be perceived in all of their individuality, enabling their new smile to attain the highest level of quality and beauty.

DSD – Digital Smile Design®️

Dental whitening

Nowadays, the stereotype of beauty stipulates a white and glowing smile. White teeth have indeed always been considered synonymous with cleanliness, beauty, youth and good health.

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