"Free your Smile" Method
How to overcome the fear of the dentist?
For many patients, a simple visit to the dentist can be real torture. Often, the mere thought of going to the dentist’s appointment causes a feeling of panic and the patient demonstrates fear before and during the appointment.
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Generally, there is a common blockage that causes this condition, associated with childhood or the first visits to the dentist, a traumatic moment that conditioned future visits. What happens later is that there is gradual neglect of oral health. The patient loses the will to smile, talk, and interact and the consequences on their general health worsen over time.

To help patients who are anxious about coming for an appointment or having certain treatments done, we offer the Free Your Smile Method. We use painless techniques, without medication or side effects, which allow us to:

  • Evaluate the origin of the fear;
  • Evaluate its dimension;
  • Assess the repercussions on the person’s life and,
  • Act to overcome it!!!

To be successful in this process, commitment is fundamental, and not skipping any steps until the process is completed. 

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With the “Free Your Smile” method we can help people to overcome themselves, gaining confidence and allowing them to take care of their oral health in a calm and relaxed way, recovering lost self-esteem and the ability to smile without worries.

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