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Do you have some missing teeth? Or teeth in poor condition that can no longer be recovered? Would you like to definitively free yourself of that old, removable prosthesis (commonly “false teeth”) that causes so much aggravation? Well, dental implants are without doubt the very best solution for you!

As we know the comfort and confidence this brings to our patients, we are specialists in placing fixed teeth and, as we wish to provide only the very best that there is on the market in terms of esthetics, health and durability, we work exclusively with “premium” solutions in which the teeth are made from ceramic and zirconia.

Our enormous depth of experience teaches us just what and how to re-establish your smile in a safe, foreseeable, comfortable and long lasting approach even in the most challenging situations! You may count on us to advise, assist and support you in every phase of this process.

Get your smile back in just one day

Fed up with not being able to chew properly? Tired of not being able to smile, talk and even kiss? At the Dr. Pedro Coelho Clinic, our mission is to help you restore all of this as swiftly as possible!

We are specialists in the Immediate Loading procedure, which in many cases enables the affixing of Crowns or Fixed Protheses in just a few minutes, hours or days after surgery. Our vast experience in these cases demonstrates that, in addition to the immediate recovery of Self-esteem and Confidence, the entire process of healing takes place in a much more comfortable, swift and less painful manner.

Technology in the service of comfort

Computer Guided Oral Implantology represents another new advance in dental implants and makes the surgery minimally invasive, with the recovery process correspondingly swifter and more comfortable, while simultaneously boosting the predictability of the final result.
This new Guided Surgery technique enables, through 3D diagnosis imaging and specific IT software, the production of an interactive and virtual treatment plan as well as drafting Surgical Guides that guarantee the placing of the implants in the ideal dental and bone positions, resulting in far more precise, swift and secure procedures for our patients.

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