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With the advanced laboratory techniques and resources that we have available, we are able to undertake various dental treatments on each visit to the Clinic in order to optimize the care and avoid constant appointments and the unnecessary waste of time. For example, patients arriving from outside Portugal or who live far from Lisbon may receive several treatments at our clinic over short periods of time.

Pure ceramic crowns

Different to the Veneers, Crowns completely surround the teeth. The esthetics of this type of dental crown are far superior to those of metal-ceramic crowns. The light crosses all of the crown to convey a greater depth and naturality. Crowns are mostly placed over root canal treated teeth, with major shortcomings in the remaining dental structure.

Smile Advisor®️

An exclusive concept that consists of an individualized smile consultancy process, resulting in the drafting of a multidisciplinary Treatment Plan, following detailed study of the oral physiology making recourse to the latest technology and taking into account the personal objectives, esthetics, Biomimetics, functionality and the durability of treatment. A valuable proposal for your smile. An investment for all your life.

Biomimetic rehabilitation

Biomimetics is a field of science with the objective of studying biological structures and their functions. Seeking to learn from nature and to imitate it, this brings various advantages to our daily lives. Biomimetic rehabilitation is an approach that is completely revolutionising oral rehabilitation and dental esthetics. The advantages are immense especially as regards esthetics, durability and the preservation of the dental structure.

Fixed prosthesis

Single Crowns, Bridges with various features, Crowns and Bridges over Implants.
Indications: Significantly destroyed teeth, Replacement of missing teeth, Substitution of old and/or inaesthetic crowns, Severe traumatisms, Occlusal modifications.

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