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Throughout our lives we have several moments in which the decisions we make have a relevant impact on the direction our future will take, be it at a personal, professional, emotional, or even health level.

In my area, that of Aesthetic Dentistry and Advanced Oral Implantology, there are 2 important decision moments:
1) Decide to perform the treatment in question;
2) Decide which doctor will perform it.

Deciding to undergo a certain aesthetic treatment, such as having Porcelain Veneers fitted and thus upgrading your smile, or throwing away your old prosthesis and replacing it with Implants, which will allow you to chew much better, is without any doubt a fundamental decision that can offer you a future with more health, more self-esteem, more confidence and above all, more quality of life. However, many people hesitate in deciding to take this step, either out of fear, difficulty in leaving their comfort zone, unconsciously thinking that they don’t deserve to invest in themselves to have a better life, or because they can’t or don’t think it’s worth it to make the necessary financial investment.

On the other hand, deciding which doctor or clinic to go to for treatment is not usually an easy decision either, but it is equally important! With the diversity of the current offer and the increasing publicity, the options are immense, which makes the decision process difficult.

I am often sought out by patients who have had their treatments in other Clinics and are extremely dissatisfied and full of problems, who ask me for help in resolving their situation. Usually these people reveal that they were deceived with promises of easy and cheaper treatments, only to find themselves in situations of lack of quality of materials, inexperience of professionals, poor follow-up by the Clinics, duration of treatments much longer than promised, among others.
Unfortunately, treating these cases is usually a lot more difficult, involves more suffering, and is also more expensive than getting the treatments right from the start, which shows the high importance of making the right decisions.

So what are the factors to consider to help you make the right decision regarding your oral health treatment? In my opinion, you should decide on a doctor with whom you feel empathy, who will explain the different treatment options to you, who will advise you on the best solution for your case, who gives you confidence and demonstrates experience and knowledge in the process he/she is proposing to you. Someone who will show you results of cases similar to yours, who truly cares about you as a person and about the final result of your treatment (and not just about getting your money), someone who guarantees you the availability and follow-up that you deserve, as well as the quality and durability of the treatments that will be performed.
I am sure that if you can put all these factors together, your decision will be the right one and you will not regret it.

Decide well. The quality of your decisions will define the quality of your future!

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