Recover the natural brightness of your smile!
Eating habits, smoking, aging, and even genetics. Several factors can influence or change the color of our teeth, leading to their darkening.

When it comes to smile harmony, tooth color is one of the most important aspects: not only affects how we see ourselves but also our self-esteem, directly influencing how we relate to others. 

That is why more and more patients seek Teeth Whitening. This type of treatment, when performed under the supervision of a Dentist, is totally safe and effective, guaranteeing remarkable results. 

Bright white teeth have always been considered a sign of cleanliness, beauty, youth, and, above all, health.

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Before getting a teeth whitening, an oral hygiene appointment should always be performed to remove tartar and/or external pigments from the teeth. 

This first contact will also allow our dentist to understand your expectations so that they can indicate the most suitable type of whitening for you, considering your oral health. 

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    Is whitening harmful to teeth?

    No. Dental whitening is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment. It does not damage your teeth, provided that it is done with adequate, quality products and the indication and supervision of a dentist or oral hygienist.

    Will I feel pain?

    The treatment itself is totally painless. Some patients feel some dental sensitivity during or after the treatment, which we help to combat with the prescription of specific desensitizing products. 

    Can everyone have a whitening?

    Everyone with good oral health and hygiene can have a whitening.

    The treatment is not indicated for patients with cavities, heavily restored teeth, high dental sensitivity, or with some type of allergic reaction to the products used. This is why the dentist’s evaluation is fundamental.  

    The treatment is not recommended for people under 18 years of age. As for pregnant women, no contraindications are known, but as a precaution, we recommend that the treatment be performed before or after pregnancy.

    Does whitening last forever?

    No. The whitening does not have a permanent effect but depends on the patient’s habits, diet, care, and oral hygiene. To prolong the result, we recommend periodic maintenance of the whitening.

    However, it is unlikely that the teeth will return to their natural color. 

    What type of whitening is indicated for me?

    The choice of the type of whitening always depends on the patient’s oral health, expectations, and availability. Before proceeding, it is essential to have a diagnostic consultation with one of our dentists.